Last week (September 30th and October 4th) we celebrated our Spelling bee 2016. An interesting opportunity to check how our students are developing the spelling skill.

In some amazing rounds. The first category (students’ levels 1-3) participated with a closed final. At the end, Thomas Rangel from 3A won, the first runner-up was Tomas Phazetti from 1B.

Arturo Sabogal from 5B won the second category. He beat Nicolas Aponte (first runner up) in the sentences making part of the elimination.

Last October 4th,  we had third and fourth categories final. We were very excited to see the high level of the competition. At the end, Manuel Dávila from 8B won the third category award and Pablo Gamboa was the runner up. Daniel Prieto (10B) was the champion of the fourth category, followed by Jorge Salazar (10 A).

Congratulations to all the winners. And thank all the students for your suppport and participation!

On september 30th, our students from 8th level lived the final of Master Chef. An incredible project developed by the teacher Emerson Villa. Marvin Leal and Simón Díaz from 8A won the big prize with their cannelloni with vechamel sauce and their halloween dessert.

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